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'Screamin' Yellow' False Indigo

Baptisia sphaerocarpa 'Screamin' Yellow'

Screamin' Yellow is the perfect name for this amazing False Indigo. For several weeks in mid-spring the bright yellow flowers beg for attention. It was selected for its compact, rounded habit and heavy flowering. Hardy in zones 5 through 9.


'Screamin' Yellow' False Indigo (Baptisia sphaerocarpa 'Screamin' Yellow') full of flowers in early May.



Pot size: 4.5 in. wide x 5 in. deep (32 fl. oz)

3 year old plants



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  • Rounded and shrub-like
  • 2 to 3 ft. tall
  • 3 to 5 ft. wide after 5 years
  • How to Grow

  • Sun to part shade – at least 6 hours of direct sun for best flowering
  • Well drained to moist soil
  • Once established, 'Screamin' Yellow' False Indigo is drought tolerant and care free. Old stems can be cut down to the ground anytime during the winter.

    Where to plant

  • Flower beds
  • Meadows
  • Wildlife

    The flowers are pollinated by:

  • Bumble bees and other long-tongued bees
  • Larval host plant for:

  • Wild Indigo Dusky Wing
  • Frosted elfin
  • Silver-spotted skipper
  • In our garden False Indigo has proven to be very resistant to deer browsing. However, if deer pressure is high or food is scarce, damage may occur.

    Native habitat and range

  • The species can be found growing in grasslands and along roadsides
  • South central US, mainly in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana
  • Source and origin

    Plants are grown from cuttings at the nursery. The original plant was found by Ridgecrest Nursery in Arkansas.


    In the Mt Cuba Center Baptisia trials, 'Screamin' Yellow' gets the highest ranking, when compared against 53 other species, cultivars, and hybrids.


    To maintain its unique features, plants must be propagated by cuttings. Cuttings taken in mid spring often root in 6 to 8 weeks.