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Seashore Mallow

Kosteletskya pentacarpos (formerly K. virginica)

A stunning native mallow that thrives at edges of ponds and in wet, poorly drained soil. In summer, hummingbirds seek out the 3 in. wide pink flowers for nectar treats. Hardy in zones 7 through 10.


Seashore Mallow (Kosteletskya pentacarpos) flowering in a brackish marsh in Pender County, NC



Pot size: 4.5 in. wide x 5 in. deep (32 fl. oz)



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  • 5 to 7 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide
  • How to Grow

  • Sun to part shade – at least 6 hours of direct sun for best flowering
  • Moist to wet soil
  • Plants tolerate growing in shallow standing water and can tolerate periodic drought in heavier soils, but will not grow well in dry sandy soil. Old flowering stems can be cut back to the ground level in late winter or early spring. Growth is sometimes late to emerge in the spring.

    Where to plant

  • Edges of ponds and other water features
  • Moist to wet borders
  • Brackish and fresh water marshes
  • Wildlife

    The flowers are pollinated by:

  • Hummingbirds
  • Butterflies
  • Native habitat and range

  • Fresh to brackish tidal marshes
  • Along the coast from Long Island to southern Florida
  • Source and origin

    Plants are grown from seeds collected at the edge of a brackish marsh in Pender County, North Carolina.


    Formerly known as Kosteletskya virginica, Seashore Mallow is now Kosteletskya pentacarpos. Want to learn why its name was changed and more interesting tidbits on Seashore Mallow? Read our article on this great and underused plant.


    Soak seed overnight in water before sowing. Seed can germinate in under a week at temperatures above 80°F (27°C).


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