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Indian Pink

Spigelia marilandica

Indian Pink brings hummingbirds into the garden with its bright red tubular flowers that open to reveal yellow centers. It's an easy to grow, low growing native plant that starts flowering in late spring and continues into the summer. Hardy in zones 5 through 9.


The red and yellow flowers of Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica) start flowering in late spring and continue into summer



Pot size: 4.5 in. wide x 5 in. deep (32 fl. oz)



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  • 1 to 2 ft. tall and wide
  • Clump forming
  • How to Grow

  • Sun to part shade – plants will grow in shade, but produce fewer flowers
  • Moist, well-drained soil
  • Easy to grow, but avoid planting in dry sites or soil that is very acidic.

    Where to plant

  • Front of flower beds
  • At the edge of woodland gardens
  • Containers
  • Wildlife

    The flowers are pollinated by:

  • Hummingbirds
  • Butterflies
  • Native habitat and range

  • Woodlands and forests, often in circumneutral (nearly neutral pH) soil
  • Southwest North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee west to southern Indiana and Oklahoma and south into Florida
  • Source and origin

    Plants are propagated from seed collected here at our nursery. Provenance of our stock plants is unknown.


    Under ideal conditions (fertile soil and regular rain/water) plants can frequently flower throughout summer.


    Seed sown in the fall will germinate in the spring after being exposed to a cool, moist period known as stratification.