About Us

Tiger swallowtail butterfly on Joe Pye Weed


Do you want to have a beautiful and sustainable garden that is buzzing with insects? Are you trying to create a refuge where kids and kids at heart are captivated and gain a lifelong love and appreciation for nature?

Native plants are the key to attracting wildlife and offsetting habitat loss. Planting natives allows you to observe a monarch butterfly laying her eggs on a milkweed and hummingbirds feeding from a coral honeysuckle vine that you planted. That's a natural high that never gets old! As the owner and sole employee of Growing Wild Nursery my mission is to seek out and grow native plants that look stunning and support local wildlife.

I'm responsible for all that goes on at the nursery, everything from seed collection right through to pulling and shipping orders. This gives me great satisfaction and flexibility over the whole production process and provides customers with plants that are grown with exceptional attention to detail.

I'd like to help you find nature in our sometimes hectic world by offering plants that can make a difference. Sign up below to get the occasional newsletter with gardening tips and new plants.

- Alistair Glen