About Our Plants

wasp on milkweed flower


Do you grow your own plants?

Yes, we propagate all our plants from seeds, cuttings, and division and grow them on here at the nursery to ensure quality, selection, and local genotype.

What size container are the plants in?

All plants are shipped in containers that are 4.5 inches wide by 5 inches deep or 32 fl. oz.

Do you use biodegradable or plastic containers?

We use plastic containers. Many of our plants grow outdoors in the same container for 12 months or longer before they are sold.

What medium do you use to grow your plants in?

Pro-line C/B. Its ingredients are peat moss, pine bark, perlite, and vermiculite.

Do you use pesticides?

We use IMP (Integrated Pest Management) to scout for pests before they become a problem. This saves us having to routinely spray, whether there is a need or not. If a pest threatens the health of a plant we use the least harmful method to protect the environment and beneficial insects.

What about neonicotinoide insecticides?

We do not use neonicotinoides on any of our plants.

Do you treat for fire ants?

Though we don’t have an issue with fire ants at the nursery, we’re required by law to treat plants that are shipped outside of the imported fire ant quarantine area. Here is a link to a USDA map (1.79mb) showing the quarantined area.

We use an insecticide called Bifen to drench the pots. It kills insects in the potting mix and doesn't harm insects that feed on the leaves and flowers.

Your plants are very robust and healthy, what’s your secret?

Time. Many hours are spent watering, scouting for pests, and monitoring for the plants overall health. Also, growing the plants outside instead of in a greenhouse makes them stronger and ready for planting.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.